A general meeting of co-owners
in compliance with the law, from start to finish

ASSEMBLEEVIRTUELLE.COM is a turnkey platform that is designed, developed and operated by the De Grandpré Jolicoeur team specializing in co-ownership law.

COMPLIANT with all the parameters established by the government, the most recent being Bills 16 and 41 and lately 103 as well as the new articles 1088.1 and 1089.1 of the Civil Code of Quebec, which render valid the holding of a virtual meeting.

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The only platform to offer simultaneous translation with an interpreter

For everyone to understand each other

  • Your Board of Directors appoints an interpreter for the evening;
  • Another virtual room is activated throughout the meeting, allowing the co-owners to follow the same presentation in the translated language

How a meeting is held on

The participants:

  • Join the meeting by any means: computer, mobile or fixed phone, tablet;
  • May test their microphone and camera at any time before the meeting;
  • Receive a connection guide and FAQ beforehand, as well as the connection hyperlink and their personalized connection code (for a digital medium or for a fixed phone);

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Hybrid Meeting

The hybrid allows co-owners to choose whether they wish to attend the meeting in person in a space rented for this purpose or remotely, in a virtual way.

  • Higher participation rate;
  • Virtual voting in the rented space;
  • On-site assistance for those needing help;
  • Additional tablets upon request.

Presential Meeting

Everything you love about being in-person with the benefits of digital voting!

  • Digital taking of quorum;
  • Digital taking of votes, instead of on paper;
  • On-site assistance from the DJC team;
  • Tablets available upon request.

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